Hi All,

Here are some handy commands to do with Mailbox Databases, from retrieving information, to moving log folders. I highly suggest separating the Logs and databases on to different drives when doing a fresh install of Microsoft Exchange 2016. Also ensure you have a D:\ data drive and not a DVD-Drive, as Exchange by default installs some additional log folders here.

Commands to retrieve database information.

– Get-MailboxDatabase | fl Name,Edbfilepath,logfolderpath

Create a New Mailbox Database

– New-MailboxDatabase -Name “DB01” -EdbFilePath D:\Exchange Database\DB01\DB01.edb

Rename Mailbox Database Command

– Set-MailboxDatabase “Mailbox Database Name” -Name DB01

Move Exchange Database and Log files to a new Location

– Move-DatabasePath DB01 -Edbfilepath “D:\Exchange Database\DB01.edb” -LogFolderpath “D:\ExchangeLogs\Database Logs\DB01”


Hope this was helpful,