Prerequisites prior to installing Exchange 2016

Ensure all patching is completed and the CU level has met the requirements (See Requirements for Exchange 2016 if unsure)

If you have the media extracted to a location,  lunch Command prompt with Admin rights, and run the following from the Exchange Setup folder location.

Setup /PrepareAD /IacceptExchangeServerLicenseterms – (Please note once the PrepareAD is completed and it’s updated the Schema for Exchange 2016, Exchange 2010 can no longer be installed into the environment)

Once Completed you will be able to start the installation of Exchange 2016.


The Exchange Install

Can Install via Powershell or GUI, slight differences between both. I used the GUI moving forward, it’s pretty basic next, next install scenario. Few things to note, Select Mailbox Server if you introducing a new Exchange with Databases, or if you are replacing an Edge Transport Server. Select Edge Transport Service.

Once the installation is Completed, by default it installs a Default Database in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server \V15\Mailbox\Database. Please ensure that you move the Database and Rename or Migrate the mailboxes to a new Database/Log Folder on a new Drive. As long as It Doesn’t Remain on the OS  Drive.


Created a New Database and Migrating Mailboxes

I opted to Create a new Database / Log folder structure and migrate to test the functionality and speed for Exchange 2016, then do the following:

Arbitration Mailbox

Get-Mailbox -Database "DB Name"  -Arbitration
Get-Mailbox -Database "DB Name" -Arbitration | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "New DB Name"

You can skip the above process as it only applies if the New Exchange Server is the only Exchange Server in the environment, the previous Exchange Server will have the Arbitation Mailboxes.


Next do the following:

Monitoring Mailboxes

Get-Mailbox -Database "DB Name" -Monitoring - (This will list all Monitoring Mailboxes)

Next command to move them:

Get-Mailbox -Database "DB Name" -Monitoring | New-MoveRequest -TargetDatabase "NEW DB Name"


Next do the Following:

AuditLog Mailboxes

Get-Mailbox -Database "DB Name" -AuditLog - (This will list all AuditLog Mailboxes)

Next Command to move them:

Get-Mailbox -Database "DB name" -AuditLog | -TargetDatabase "New DB Name"


Once the above is completed, you can go into EMC. Dismount and remove the old Database and Mount the new one accordingly.

Moving the Default Database

To rename the mailbox database open the properties of database in EAC and edit the name. This won’t rename the .edb database file. To change the .edb file name, dismount the database and run the cmdlet, Move-DatabasePath –Identity “NewDBName” –EdbFilePath “<path>\NewDBName.edb. Then, mount the database with Mount-Database “NewDBName” cmdlet.