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This is the follow up guide to the wallet configuration, in this post I will explain how to solo mine TrezarCoin & mining as part of a pool. This will be focused on nVidia users.

Downloads: CCMiner: http://ccminer.org/

Once you have downloaded the mining software, and you have extracted it. You will need to use a Bat file to start the miner software. To do this open notepad / Notepad++ and copy the config below and save as a .bat file. Update the miner configuration username and password with what you have set in your wallet configuration. – If you haven’t set this up, you can find my guide here to get you started.: http://wiseowlit.com/2018/01/16/trezarcoin-wallet-config/ 

Basic SoloMine Configuration (Example):

ccminer-x64.exe -a neoscrypt -o -u RPCUSERNAME -p PWFROMCFG

This configuration is assuming you are running the wallet locally, if you have another PC running the wallet core. Ensure to change the IP in the Miner configuration & update your wallet’s Configuration  to allow the machine you are mining. “RPCALLOWIP=” – Local IP Example

If you are a casual miner, or want more of a stable income of coins, pool mining is the best option. I for example use the pool: https://pool.trezarcoin.com

You do need to sign up and create a worker, with a password. Also you can set up a nice auto payout so you don’t have to worry about keeping tabs.

Basic Pool Mining Configuration (Example):

ccminer-x64.exe -a NeoScrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool.trezarcoin.com:6666 -u Username.PC01 -p x

If you are packing some serious GPU power, you can mine on the harder difficulty by changing the port to 5566 in the mining configuration.

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