As our base OS is Windows Server 2016, we will need to install ADK For Windows 10.

You can Install the ADK Setup via command line using Powershell as per below:

.\adksetup.exe /features OptionId.DeploymentTools OptionId.WindowsPreinstallationEnvironment OptionId.UserStateMigrationTool OptionId.ImagingAndConfigurationDesigner /q

You can remove /q switch to install using GUI but have feature selection done for you.

Alternatively you can install using the GUI. , To install ADK for Windows 10, double click on “adksetup.exe”.

Specify the Install path if required to be other than default path. Click Next to Continue

Select whether or not you would like to participate in Windows Kits Privacy. Click Next to Continue

Accept the License Terms to Continue

Select the required features.

Install the following components

  • Deployment Tools
  • Windows Pre-installation Environment
  • User state Migration tool
  • Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD)

Click Install to begin installation

This will install the ADK for Windows 10.