From time to time, I found that when trying to get to windows updates in the GUI via Settings for Server 2016 can hang and be unresponsive.

Microsoft have also updated their commands for Server 2016 & Windows 10.

Which I have listed below:

Example Command: usoclient startscan – Will trigger a scan for available updates

StartScan – Used To Start Scan for available patches

StartDownload – Used to Start Download of Patches

StartInstall – Used to Install Downloaded Patches

RefreshSettings – Refresh Settings if any changes were made

StartInteractiveScan – May ask for user input and/or open dialogues to show progress or report errors

RestartDevice – Restart device to finish installation of updates

ScanInstallWait – Combined Scan Download Install

ResumeUpdate –  Resume Update Installation On Boot


Sorry for not writing up for a while, I’m hoping to have more free time soon to post more.